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The MARQ score uses award-winning models from Moody’s Analytics, a leader in assessing the credit of private companies for more than 30 years. For the first time, the tools hundreds of banks and corporations use to assess credit are available free, directly to small businesses.

How it works

1. Get started by providing some basic information about your business – the name, postal code, and the type of business.

2. Link your accounting system. The link will take a one-time snapshot of your information to run the MARQ score calculator and create your profile.

3. Create your account to save your profile and see your MARQ score.

“Must have information for small business owners.”
Richard Vohs

“It’s particularly helpful to see the MARQ score of my business benchmarked against the industry average.”
Beth Damis
Comptroller, ILF Consultants

“The MARQ score is a wonderful feature I plan to use with my clients in the future.”
Leslie Chamberlain
Schultz & Associates


Don’t need a loan right now?

By the time you need the money, it’s too late. Businesses that prepare in advance and address the factors that could be hurting their credit score are likely to get better rates and terms when it’s time to get a loan. Get your check-up now, with no strings attached.

Why do we ask you to link your accounting system?

The MARQ score is calculated based on the business’s financial information. We take a snapshot of that information – just once – to give you your score and show you the factors that are helping and hurting it. You can refresh your score whenever you like, but your data is never pulled automatically. You must authorize it every time. We take the privacy and security of your data seriously – read more about our Security Commitment and Privacy Policy.

If you don’t link your system, you can still get started with an estimated score using an Excel template or by entering in a few financial numbers.

Does checking your MARQ score impact your credit score?

No, getting your MARQ score does not affect your credit score. It’s not sent to any credit bureaus – it’s designed to give you the information you need to uncover the factors that may be negatively affecting your credit, build your plan, and take action.  



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The MARQ score from Moody’s Analytics puts award-winning analysis and technology at your fingertips, free and in real time.